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Quality (The Inserting Tools)
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The Steel Quality
We use alloyed steel of high quality obtained from European steel works which
has been analytically tested within strict tolerances for purity and grain sizes. In
addition ultrasonic testing is carried out.

The Manufacture
Turning, milling and grinding on state of the art CNC controlled machines
ensuredimensional accuracy of inserting tools during the whole production.
This machining allows nearly every special design of an inserting tool. Strict
quality control is effected at the end of each manufacturing stage.

The Heat Treatment
The hardening and subsequent tempering are effected by a combined heat
treatment procedure at computer controlled atmosphere dual furnaces. The
results are maximum hardness (equal surface and core hardness), impact
value and concomitant optimal toughness and strength properties under
alternating flexural stress

The Quality
Quality is no chance. All production processes are subject to severest checks
and are documented. Our inserting tools are impact stamped with a unique
serial number and point of origin mark in order to source all important
production data.

The Warranty
We offer extended warranty for material quality, accuracy of production and
correct heat treatment. Quality is the best warranty.
It is important to strictly follow the operating guidelines of the hydraulic breaker
manufacturer to keep within our warranty conditions.
We carry product liability insurance in cases of demonstrable equipment failure
due to a defect with the demolition tool supplied by Smug Tools GmbH.
In all cases of complaint we will need the upper part of the demolition tool
marked with the serial no. and point of origin mark.

The Refinishing Operation
The equal surface and core hardness of our inserting tools permits a
reconditioning by turning and milling with carbide tools. Therefore, a
subsequent heat treatment is not essential.